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Changes to the Fall 2019 York Fixed Route Schedule

These changes will occur on Sunday, August 18, 2019.


Route 1W:

Route will end at West Manchester Town Center. Loucks Rd./Kenneth Rd. & Rodney Rd. are served by the Route 13 weekdays. The segment of Rodney Rd. east of Kenneth Rd. will be served by the extended Route 3N on all days of the week. Trips on 1W will now stop and serve Delco Center on the inbound. Minor time adjustments have been made to those stops between Delco Center and the West Manchester Town Center.


Route 1E:

Williams Rd. Loop is moved from “Cinema Trips” to “Pleas. Acres” Trips. Also, Market @ Cinema Timepoint is on Market St. and bus DOES NOT go into the Saubels Market. Minor timing changes across the schedule to accommodate these changes.


Route 3N:

3N is extended to the new UPMC Hospital location. Exit time from TC is moved to on-the-hour from on-the-half-hour. Regular routing to Northwest Plaza, then, it will continue on Rt. 30 to Loucks Rd. to Rodney Rd., to Kenneth Rd. and up to the new Hospital. On exit it will serve the new Wellspan and OSS facilities along Roosevelt Ave. (Starting Sept. 1, 2019) before returning to Northwest Plaza. It will then follow the regular routing from Northwest Plaza to the downtown Transfer Center. There are minor changes in schedule times for the route between downtown and Northwest Plaza, and, new schedule times for the Hospital addition.


Route 5W:

Saturday and Sunday service frequency on the 5W will be increased from every hour to every ½ hour.


Route 6N:

The two Saturday trips to the Manchester/Emigsville Industrial Parks (6:50AM and 3:55PM trips only) are eliminated and covered to some degree by the Route 33 Schedule.


Route 7S:

This route has been eliminated weekdays and Saturdays.


Route 12:

Rt. 12 exit time from York Mall moved from x:52 to x:55, except last trip at 5:52PM. Also, Market @ Cinema Timepoint is on Market St. and bus DOES NOT go into the Saubels Market.


Route 13:

Route 13 includes service to the new UPMC Hospital on the inbound trips from Dover. Bus will follow regular routing to Kenneth and Loucks Rds. Turn left on Loucks Rd. and travel to the new Hospital stop. On exit, it will travel back to Loucks Rd. via. Rodney, Kenneth & Loucks and return to the West Manchester Town Center. Schedule times are modified somewhat to accommodate the Hospital and for transferring to/from the Route 1W at West Manchester Town Center.


Route 33:

Saturday Trips on Rt. 33 include Espresso Way area of Manchester Ind. Parks (formerly provided by Route 6N).


Beginning September 3, 2019:

Route 15N:

(Gettysburg Service) Rt. 15N now services Winding Hill Park & Ride lot in Cumberland County.